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título : Frida Kahlo Masterpieces (schirmer Visual Library)
categoría : Learning To Paint, Photography, Art Issues
ISBN : 9783888147005
páginas : 104
autor : Frida Kahlo
editor : Schirmer/mosel Verlag Gmbh
Release Date : 1996-12-31
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Kahlo's intense emotional works reflect her philosophy of nature and life, which was intertwined with the revival of Indian culture in the Mexico of her time. Wrote Diego Rivera of his wife: "She is the first woman in the history of art who took up, with absolute and ruthless sincerity, themes that exclusively concern women." The 43 plates here beautifully document how Frida Kahlo evolved into the great Mexican painter who today enjoys worldwide recognition Each of the colour plates is accompanied by a brief explanatory paragraph. A chronology of the artist's life is included.

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